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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An Amazing Film of the Crimean Annexation By Russian Special Forces

Swedish sources have obtained a copy of film of the takeover of the Crimean parliament and then all of Crimea by Russian special operations forces. (Some say it is a training film to guide  future takeovers in other territories or countries.)

Remember that Vladimir Putin denied the invovlement of Russian forces of any kind  in Crimea until his casual admission in last week's talkathon with the Russian people (and Edward Snowden).

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Putin Propagandists Caught Red-Handed Again: Pro-Russian Self-Defense Forces Capture Snipers’ Diapers

The Russian TV coverage of the story of the “Slavyansk slaughter” of the early morning of Easter Sunday contains a major blooper. The cache of so-called Right Sector paraphernalia, proudly displayed to prove its complicity, was already filmed  by Russian TV cameras  during the day of April 19 at least ten hours before the attack. (The camera crew did not bother to remove the date of the filming – the day of April 19). The April 19 film shows the same pile of Right Sector paraphernalia used to prove Ukrainian extremist guilt in broadcasts carried throughout the day on Easer Sunday! 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Russian Regular Forces To Invade "NewRussia" Between May 4 And 9? (Guest Columnist)

Guest columnist, prominent member of Ukrainian civil society, explains why Putin with invade with regular troops end of first week of May and the long term consequences.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Does the Today's Geneva Agreement Defuse the Ukrainian Crisis?

The Geneva agreement sketches out a general plan for de-escalation and leaves the key details out. How, for example, is the Russian side to disarm local pro-Russian forces and convince them to leave occupied buildings, if they are, as claimed, self organized and independent of Russian influence? The Russian requirement that Ukraine maintain its “neutral status” is not in the agreement but would require Ukraine to nullify its association status with the European Union. Ukraine’s joining of the European Union was at the heart of the Euro-Maidan protests, and the Russian foreign minister appears to be requiring that Ukraine drop its goal of becoming part of the European economy.

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Crisis Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Geneva Today: Beware Russian Bear Bearing Compromises

The foreign ministers of Europe and the United States are clinging desperately to the fig leaf that Russia has not invaded Ukraine (which requires them to ramp up sanctions that may be economically costly). To avoid taking meaningful action, they will bully their Ukrainian colleague into accepting a “compromise” which, either immediately or after Russian machinations, spells the end of Ukraine as a unified state. They can return home waving a piece of paper that promises “peace in our time.” If so, Munich rather than Geneva would have been a better setting.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Smoking Guns Shatter Russian Lies About No Troops In Ukraine

Live radio footage of officer running Donestsk that he is a Russian officer from Tula, ALso a You Tube showing a self identified Russian colonel appointing the chief of police of Ukrainian town.

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