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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Attorney General Barr: There Are no Predicates for Spying

A review of the public record demonstrates that the Russia investigation rested on a house of cards assembled by high-level officials to prevent Donald Trump’s election or to ensure that his administration would fail. This conclusion rests on mainstream media accounts, primarily of The New York Times. The Russia probe imposed a considerable cost in terms of international status, domestic tranquility, political paralysis and a challenge to the outcome of a democratic election. It weakened the Trump presidency to the benefit of his political opponents, and boosted Vladimir Putin’s claim of the crookedness of American democracy.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Russia Is the Big Winner from the Dems Impeachment Pivot to Ukraine

Ukraine has been thrown under the bus by the media and Democrat forces at the very time when Ukraine was poised to truly join the West. Ukraine has a long, bloody, and tragic history. Our politicians seem intent on keeping up this record.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Socialist Planning Failed from the Very Beginning

That the planned socialist economies of the USSR and Eastern Europe suffered from serious dysfunctionalities was revealed already in the 1950s  by American scholars based on interviews with former managers. The Hungarian economist, Janos Kornai, was the first to reveal in 1957 from within the Soviet bloc that the socialist planned economy was not even planned. Kornai went on to study the pathologies  associated with planned socialism, such as soft budget constraints and shortage economies that threaten to bleed over into  contemporary market economies.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

A shaman unnerves Vladimir Putin: Shades of Rasputin surround a mystical figure attempting to ply his trade in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deliberately cultivated the image of a macho guy, a man’s man, who fears nothing. He rides a stallion bareback; he dives for underwater treasure (and conveniently finds some). He fires assault rifles with deadly accuracy. Mr. Putin is tough. Do not mess with him.

A shaman, from sparsely-populated Northeastern Russia’s Yakutia (also called Sakha), has a quite different view: Mr. Putin is possessed by the devil, and the shaman has been called by higher forces to drive out his evil spirits. Mr. Putin may be able to annihilate his judo opponents, but the evil forces in his body stand no chance against the supernatural powers that the shaman can unleash on him.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What the Mueller report tells us about Putin, Russia and Trump's election

eal Kremlin insiders — not Steele’s anonymous “trusted officials” — reveal that Putin did not share the elation of his security officers and of the Russian people with respect to the unexpected election of Donald Trump. No conspiracy structure was in place. Putin had no idea how to create either a formal or a back channel to the Trump team, and he warned his oligarchs to get ready for more sanctions under Trump. He “suggested” that his oligarchs open up back channels, but his low expectation of success turned out to be correct.
Even The New York Times has admitted that the Steele dossier could be a Kremlin disinformation campaign to “hedge their bets and place a few land mines under Trump’s presidency as well.” Yet, the Times’ recognition of that does not answer why the Kremlin would sabotage the candidate it wanted so much to win.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Is Russia Preparing A Gas Nuclear Option?

Clearly, a nuclear option would risk long-term damage to Russia’s gas business with Europe. It would promote the construction of LNG terminals throughout Europe and drive European buyers into the clutches of American LNG. Europe could not afford to gamble with Russia’s unreliability as a supplier of such a key resource. But the nuclear option carries with it tempting short-run gains. It would remove Ukraine from the gas delivery business. Russia could destabilize the new administration of a young and popular president. Russia could again play king of the hill and split Eastern Europe from Western Europe, not only with cyber-attacks but with the more potent weapon of energy.
Let’s wait for Putin’s move.

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