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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How The Kremlin Lies With Headlines Like 'Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down Malaysia Airlines' MH17'

The shock headline shows how Russian propaganda works. By luck or design, a news item appears in a legitimate media outlet, such as BBC, Reuters, or NBC. It gives a small opening for distorted interpretation, which is exploited in the form of a sensationalist headline in tabloids or Russian-sponsored media. The misinformation is repeated over and over until it gains public credence.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Putin’s Government in Donbas

Russia has offered to use what it calls its “limited influence” to persuade the rebel governments to cooperate. If, however, Russia is actually in full control of the separatist regions and is actively integrating them into its economy, as the document obtained by Bildsuggests, the Kremlin can no longer be considered an outside party, attempting to influence an uncooperative ally. Instead, it would be clear that the leaders of the breakaway regions are, at best, puppets, and that the true parties to the negotiation are Russia and Ukraine.
None of this will come as a surprise to officials in Kyiv, who have long claimed that the separatist authorities with whom they are expected to reach an agreement are getting their marching orders from Russian superiors. But it could have an important influence on the stance taken by the European officials who are attempting to facilitate the process.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Barack Obama Extols Cuba's Slave-Labor Medical Care

That Bernie Sanders is making a serious run for president should raise serious alarm. As an avowed socialist, he is pushing socialist and communist programs like Cuba’s socialized medicine without understanding, like Obama, that they are based on slave labor. Our most prestigious campuses do not teach that communism has failed in all cases or that textbooks cannot cite one real-world example of Sanders’s vaunted democratic socialism. 

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Putin Caught In Huge Panama Papers Scandal

The dump of millions of documents hacked from Panama offshore accounts implicatesVladimir Putin’s inner circle. We already knew that Putin and his Kremlin kleptocrats were robbing Russia of its assets for personal gain, but the Panama Papers provide a proof in black and white, which Putin’s propaganda team cannot refute. This damning evidence will inevitably play a role in the upcoming parliamentary elections in September.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Plan Would Give Putin Exactly What He Wants

Trump is selling himself to American voters as one of the world’s best negotiators who knows how to begin by asking more than he’ll settle for. We now move Trump to the stage of grand global policy and it appears as if he is conceding before the negotiation even begins to a better negotiator who understands how to frighten even a “strong man” like Trump purports to be. As it now stands, Trump is proposing to give Putin his most sacred dream of U.S. disengagement from NATO and Ukraine without getting anything in return. Quite a negotiating feat.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ten Reasons Why Putin Wins Big In Syria While The U.S. Gets Nothing

Putin’s payoff from his Syrian “peace keeping” could be enormous; namely, a breakup of NATO and the European Union and a sell out by the West of Ukraine on the grounds that it is not fulfilling the conditions of the Minsk 2 agreement (as if Russia is). If this happens, Putin has achieved his main goal–the end of Ukraine as a unitary state to demonstrate the risks of attempting to break free from Russia’s “sphere of influence.” The ultimate disgrace is that the West welcomed Putin as a partner in Syria on the basis of his promise to fight ISIS. Instead, Putin bombed the opponents of Assad, inflicting massive civilian casualties on them and contributing to the migration flow into Europe. ISIS did not seem to appear on his target list. For those who know Putin, this was no surprise.

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