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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Democrats Use Stalin-Era Tactics To Wreck Chris Christie's Political Career

We use names of public figures as short-hand tags for political processes or maneuvers. An example would be to “Bork” a candidate’s nomination before Congress. I propose to add to this list “Voz,” defined as “eliminating political adversaries using an escalating feeding frenzy of rumors, accusations, revelations, gossip, and investigations of transgressions that ultimately prove to be relatively minor but end the career of the victim anyway.”  According to this definition, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is the latest target of an orchestrated “Voz” attack.

I name “Voz” after Nikolai Voznesensky, who was “Vozzed” by a Stalin bullet to the head on March 9, 1949. Figuring that English speakers would have trouble with the long Russian name, I shorten to “Voz.”

Nikolai Voznesensky was the last major political figure executed under Stalin. He was convicted on fabricated charges of high treason after his rivals mounted a whisper campaign that Voznesensky harbored ambitions to succeed Stalin and had grown too big for his britches. Voznesensky’s fellow Politburo members stepped up their efforts to “get Voznesensky” after Stalin’s public praise of him (and not of them), and they feared his strong political base in Leningrad

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  1. I realized this tactic a many years ago and termed 'truth by innuendo' -- inject and idea into a vacuum of ignorance whether true or not (usually not) and people will latch on to it as truth.

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