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Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tale Of Three Thefts: China, Russia, And The U.S.

The denial of the rule of law for the few may affect the economic actions of many.

Russia 2006 
In December of 2006, Gazprom, the Russian energy monopoly, "accepted" control of Sakhalin-2 from Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA - news - people ). Sakhalin-2 is a drilling venture off Sakhalin Island in Russia's North Pacific. Shell negotiated the offshore drilling rights with the Russian government to be Sakhalin-2's owner and operator along with its two Japanese partners. In return, Shell agreed to invest $8 billion. Shell's deal was unusual because it included no Russian partner, but it was approved at the highest levels in 1994. As the end of 2006 approached, Sakhalin-2 was ready to go into production. Shell's investment had grown to $20 billion

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  1. Chinese money looks real and buys a lot these days. In the long-run, China will have its on 'spring.' This may not be too pleasant for the investors who will be caught in the 'Chinese spring' and may face an uncertain transition.