Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Kremlin's New 'New' Version Of The Nemtsov Murder

Let’s see if the Kremlin can keep its story straight. The March 16 Interfax story insists that the Chechen 5 planned and carried out the murder on their own. No need to look for higher ups, just the lowly Chechen thugs in Lefortovo prison.  Although these men belong to Kadyrov’s Chechen gang, he had nothing to do with the murder. It looks like Kadyrov carried this round.
Tomorrow is another day and perhaps another round. Maybe it will bring with it yet a fourth version of the Nemtsov murder. If the Kremlin wants to achieve maximum confusion, it has done so.
One thing is certain. The Kremlin propaganda machine will charge ahead with its version of alternate reality irrespective of what investigators say. Putin’s trolls have purportedly been instructed to write that Ukraine is behind the Nemtsov murder, no matter what prosecutors or judges decide. This will remain the narrative of the Nemtsov murder just like the fable that a Ukrainian fighter shot down Malaysian Flight 17.

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