Monday, April 22, 2013

Putin Wins, Obama Loses in Boston Jihad (new release)

 Pundits tut-tutted when a left-wing publication (see hoped out loud that white, anti-tax, domestic terrorists perpetrated the Boston marathon massacre. They had reason to hope: Wouldn’t backwoods, pick-up-truck radicals pick tax day for their strike?  What a disappointment to learn that the terrorists were young Muslim devotees of extremist web sites.

Such a liberal Wunschtraum was indeed in bad taste, but terror incidents do have political consequences, sometimes vast; so why shy away from discussing them?

The Oklahoma City bombing by white anti-government terrorists resuscitated a faltering Clinton presidency. George Bush’s performance at the ruins of the World Trade Center in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 was the high point of his presidency.

Boston extremism should plague Barack Obama throughout his second term as it raises legitimate question about his handling of the war on terror. It will help Vladimir Putin remove the last vestiges of democracy and free press from his totalitarian Russia without a peep from the U.S.

The Boston Marathon attack undermines Obama’s claimed foreign-policy achievement (“I killed Osama and Al Qaeda is on the run.”) on which he based his campaign. A newsman as respected as Tom Brokaw refuted Obama in clear words (on Meet the Press)  that could not be misunderstood: “With the death of Osama Bin Laden, Islamic rage did not go away. In fact, it is in some ways more dangerous.”

Imagine the effect of a Brokaw making such a statement on the eve of the election, but Obama no longer has to face the electorate. He is home safe.

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