Thursday, March 26, 2015

Could Unpaid Traffic Tickets Destroy The Kremlin’s Nemtsov Murder Narrative?

Western leaders do not want to recognize what Putin and his regime are capable of. Scholars John Dunlop and Karen Dawisha have chronicled evidence that the FSB, the state internal security service, was behind the 1999 apartment bombings that killed almost 400 Russians and helped bring Putin to power. English justice will probably conclude that the Kremlin ordered the “nuclear poisoning” of defector Alexander Litvinenko in London, and then sheltered his assassin with parliamentary immunity.

Do not Merkel and Obama realize they are conceding Putin’s defense. By declaring Putin’s Kremlin responsible for finding the murderers, they are ruling out the possibility that the Kremlin itself ordered the hit.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Perry Mason Moment in the Nemtsov Murder

According to leaks from the Nemtsov murder investigation, the Chechen killers were given a ZAZ Chance as a surveillance and getaway car. The Kremlin investigation, it appears, will settle on the charge that the Chechen 5 killed Nemtsov on their own out of anger over his rebuke of the Charlie Hebdo killings on January 10.

A Russian newspaper published traffic camera photos of the alleged assassins in the ZAZ Chance already back in September, well before the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Moskovsky Komsomolets published (already on March 10) traffic photos of the getaway car, some in the vicinity of Nemtsov’s apartment. The image of the chief assassin, Zaur Dadaev, appears visible on the left passenger side. The photos date to September. I quote from the article (for photos of the car, see below):

“What is this – a coincidence? If we allow that the suspects already were following the politician (Nemtsov), the fundamental motive disappears. At that time, there had been no shooting in the offices of Charlie Hebdo; there were no remarks by Nemtsov, which would have incited Muslims. That means there was nothing to kill him for – at least according to the logic of Zaur Dadaev. We should also notice the carelessness of the gangsters. They did not once bother to pay parking fees. This infraction plus frequent speeding tickets – on the car added up to 12,000 rubles. Who is going to pay? So far, we do not know.

the future assassins in the surveillance car

Image of cheif assassin on left side

Ad for ZAZ Chance

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Kremlin's New 'New' Version Of The Nemtsov Murder

Let’s see if the Kremlin can keep its story straight. The March 16 Interfax story insists that the Chechen 5 planned and carried out the murder on their own. No need to look for higher ups, just the lowly Chechen thugs in Lefortovo prison.  Although these men belong to Kadyrov’s Chechen gang, he had nothing to do with the murder. It looks like Kadyrov carried this round.
Tomorrow is another day and perhaps another round. Maybe it will bring with it yet a fourth version of the Nemtsov murder. If the Kremlin wants to achieve maximum confusion, it has done so.
One thing is certain. The Kremlin propaganda machine will charge ahead with its version of alternate reality irrespective of what investigators say. Putin’s trolls have purportedly been instructed to write that Ukraine is behind the Nemtsov murder, no matter what prosecutors or judges decide. This will remain the narrative of the Nemtsov murder just like the fable that a Ukrainian fighter shot down Malaysian Flight 17.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

More of Best of #Putinumer

Putin converses with his idol

Moscow reacts to news of Putin's death

Roboputin cannot die

Woman: I want to hear the three words from you. Man: Validimir Putin died
Why all the fuss. Vladimir Putin has appeared at a press conference. Just see the photo. (They are running out of Putin's doubles)

The reincarnated Putin
Add Merkel to the suspect list?

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Best of #Putinumer (#Putindead)

The #Putinumer (#Putindead) hashtag has been sweeping the Russian internet. Under Stalin, there was a lively underground joke and satire literature that the Russian people created, despite the danger of doing so. Rumors of Putin's demise have unleashed a torrent of jokes, ditties, and photo shopped images, which seem to contradict the high Putin "ratings" that are the anchor of his rule.

Among the most popular sites is The Putinumer song sung by the “Putin Duet” twosome.

For those who can understand Russian, here it is:

Comments on the Russian internet that  caught my fancy:


Yes. Putin died to divert attention from the Nemtsov killing.


No. It would not have been useful for him. (A play on the argument that the killing of Nemtsov was not “useful” to Putin).


No. The people are not yet dancing in the streets.


Yes, he died of an overdose of Botox.

Here are some photos from the #Putinumer site:

Doctor: We have brought him for the Kremlin-Show

Mededvedev selfie at Putin's bedside
Putin has already died once and was replaced. The Kremlin has searched nine days for a new Putin look-alike

A shocking photo of the deceased Putin

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rumors Fly in Moscow: Coup of Generals, Putin Stroke, FSB Against Chchenya's Kadyrov

Vladimir Putin has not been seen publicly since March 5. Pictures of him meeting with women on the March 8 Women's Day were apparently taken earlier. Putin has cancelled key meetings, while his press secretary rejects rumors of ill health (including a leak from an elite clinic that Putin suffered a stroke). In the meantime, the narrative of the Nemtsov assassination continues to unravel as the presumed Chechen assassins complain to two human rights activists that they were tortured into confessing and they expressed fear that they would be murdered like the so-called sixth conspirator. (Who let the human rights activists into the special Lefortovo prison where the suspects are being held?) Special communications helicopters of the presidential administration have been seen landing at the FSB Lubyanka headquarters and at the Kremlin. Respectable newspapers speak of an open rift between the brutal leaders of Chechnya (Kadyrov) and the Russian FSB (Federal security service).

At a minimum, the Russian leadership is going through a period of confusion and uncertainty. We will know soon if it is as serious as the rumor mil suggests.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Something Strange Going On in the Kremlin

The news coming out of Russia could not be stranger. The confessed assassin of Boris Nemtsov is visited by a human rights activist and claims he was tortured into a confession. Intelligence services first claim that Kremlin surveillance cameras were down for maintenance at the time of the assassination. Next, we hear that the cameras picked up images of the assassins near the crime scene. The puppet leader of Chechnya praises  the confessed (but confession withdrawn) killer as a pious Muslim, but his mother says he has no interest in religion. Rumors or a “shooting list” are laughed off by Putin’s official spokesman. Putin himself has not been seen in public since March 8 and apparently will skip an important meeting in Kazakhstan – for reasons of illness? The head of the security services is making announcements about the progress of the case instead of the usual Investigation Committee.

Instead of a neat roll out of confessions, quick sentencing, and disappearance into prison we have denials, different versions of events, and apparent turf wars. The name of the actual organizer of the killing is circulating on social media.

Has the Nemtsov murder caused Kremlin politics to spin out of control? What is going on?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Nemtsov Murder Investigation Has Now Officially a Farce

The message of Boris Nemtsov’s assassination now cannot be mistaken. The in-your-face murder in the shadow of the Kremlin obviously required high-level assistance. The trail of the murderers leading to Chechnya was shrugged off with a medal of honor for its puppet leader. The ultimate insult was the reported confession of the alleged nonreligious hit man that he killed Nemtsov on his own initiative because he insulted Islam. Facts do not matter. Kremlin propaganda will still blame the Nazi-Ukrainians manipulated by the CIA no matter what the record will show. The rigorous investigation promised by Vladimir Putin has become a farce.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Does The Kremlin Have Hillary Clinton’s Emails?

The furor over the revelation that Hillary Clinton used a private email account throughout her tenure as secretary of state (and did not even have an official State Department account) misses the point. By behaving in this reckless manner,  Mrs. Clinton has jeopardized our national security. The issue is not what Mrs. Clinton wanted to hide from domestic critics, but whether she risked hacking of confidential and secret State Department information by the cyber-warfare masters of the Kremlin.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kremlin Investigators Claim That Nemstov Killed By All Putin’s Enemies In One Package

Putin has apparently decided that he can use the Nemtsov killing to implicate all his enemies at once. According to NEWSrsu, Kremlin investigators claim to have photographs of the killers – one male and one female (Adam Osmanov and Amina Okneva). According to the report, Osmaev is suspected in an assassination attempt on Putin and heads a Chechen battalion fighting on the side of Kiev. The implication: The Chechens working together with Ukraine’s secret service (and of course the CIA) are behind the murder of Nemtsov, which was done to discredit Putin.

Note that dark skinned Chechen rebels are convenient targets for prejudiced Russians, and the campaign of hate against the Ukrainian Nazi junta has been going 24/7 for almost a year.

Stalin used the murder of Leningrad boss Sergei Kirov to condemn his rivals from the right and left to death in three Moscow show trials. Putin appears to be intent on doing the same.  When Putin apologists claim “he has nothing to gain” from the murder of Nemtsov, just ignore them. His plan is becoming clear, and it is not good for Chechens, Ukrainians, or Ukraine’s so-called allies.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Videotape of Nemtsov Murder Shows High-Level Assistance

Western leaders do not want to recognize what Putin and his regime are capable of. Scholars John Dunlop and Karen Dawisha have chronicled the strong evidence that Putin was behind the 1999 apartment bombings that killed almost 400 Russians and brought him to power. England is convinced that the Kremlin ordered the “nuclear poisoning” of defector Alexander Litvinenko in London, and then sheltered his assassin with parliamentary immunity. Ordering the killing of one irritating opposition figure pales in comparison to this and other acts of murder.

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