Thursday, October 13, 2011

Berlin Report #5: The German Press Really, Really Does Not Like Herman Cain

The Berliner Morgenpost is a middle-of-the-road daily newspaper. Its recent piece on Herman Cain is one of the most vitriolic hatchet jobs I have ever read. I imagine it expresses the German press’s and public’s disquiet about the Cain candidacy.

It warns that Cain’s candidacy may be a serious one. Now that he is surging in the polls, he is no longer “playing the role of a comedic Uncle Tom” (Yes, that is what it says).

What does the Morgenpost not like about Cain?

First, he has Tea Party support, which, in Germany, immediately brands you as an eccentric, fool, or idiot. Anyone supported by the Tea Party, the German establishment will dislike.

Second, the German press cannot understand how American voters could take a non-politician seriously. German parliamentary coalition politics requires a long grooming period  in the bank benches. Only gradually do you work your way up  into the leadership ranks. Thus, almost by definition, American politics is made up of amateurs, at least until they have built up considerable seniority.  How could the Americans even think of electing a rank amateur? They do not understand that the American people may be fed up with “politics as usual” and is looking for an untainted candidate.

Third, the Morgenpost did its homework on Cain’s business background. It tutors its readers that Cain’s pizza company did not expand under Cain, its revenues fluctuated, and Cain’s claims of business success are exaggerated.

If Cain is the republican nominee, it will be interesting, to say the least, to follow the German press.

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  1. febble minded .. You germany have such a great Record in the LEADERSHIP area.. Herman Cain is going to be Americas 2100 George Washington... We all all opening our eyes.. You .ha are laughable , thinking that Americans care what you think.. :)