Saturday, January 21, 2012

Talk About Unanticipated Consequences: ABC, CNN and Juan Williams May Have Made Gingrich President

Conservatives warn liberals of unanticipated consequences.  Liberals claim to have the best of intentions with their economic and social policies, but often they get the opposite result.

ABC, CNN, and Juan Williams, I doubt, would like to see Newt Gingrich President of the United States. ABC's John Ross planned to sabotage his presidential ambitions with a hostile interview with Gingrich's ex wife released on the eve of a key primary. CNN’s John King planned to embarrass Gingrich with his opening question for the New Hampshire debate. Juan Williams played the race card against Gingrich in the Fox News debate.

All three encountered unanticipated consequences. Thanks to their questions, Gingrich soared in the polls, won in New Hampshire, and became a serious contender for the Republican nomination.

Although their attempts to embarrass Gingrich backfired,  John  Ross, John King, and Juan Williams are considered heroic figures within the media. They remain largely clueless. Juan Williams, for example, expressed surprise when his race card question was met with boos from the audience. It was only then that he realized that he was the "bad guy" in the wrestling match versus Gingrich's "good guy."

Those who wish to see Gingrich as the Republican candidate must hope that the media continues its campaign against him.

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