Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Republicans Must Play to Win the Long Game

Barack Obama is dead set on an entitlement state of European proportions financed with trillion dollar deficits. When the deficits become unsustainable, he or his successor must either impose massive tax increases on everyone or dismantle Obama’s signal achievement: an “Entitlement America” that guarantees everyone a “decent standard of living.” Obama hopes that when the day of reckoning comes, the American public will be so hooked on entitlements that they will grudgingly accept higher taxes – a questionable proposition.

If Obama had come clean with the American public on his intentions, Mitt Romney would be President of the United States.

Obama won the election by falsely claiming, among other things, that our fiscal problems would be resolved if the rich just paid their fair share. The fiscal cliff skirmish showed otherwise, to no one’s surprise. To cite an influential Obama supporter: “Raising rates on the top 2 percent was never going to be enough anyway.” (I thought taxing the top 2 percent was supposed to solve our problems.)

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