Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Timeline of IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

The timeline shows the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status and of public statements about such tax-exempt groups by the President, White House officials, and the Democratic National Committee by date.

The main findings of this timeline:

The targeting of conservative groups  begins March 2010. It has lasted more than three years.

President Obama, White House,  and the Democratic National Committee publicly and repeatedly warn about nefarious and illicit activities of conservative groups, starting in August of 2010. There are eleven public warnings,  nine of which are issued by President Obama himself in public speeches.

Higher ups in the IRS learn about targeting  on June 29, 2011 but have three follow up meetings to define and expand the categories of targeted groups, the latest being January 25, 2012.

IRS officials deny the existence of targeting (or fail to mention it) before Congress March 22, 2012 and May 3, 2012.

April 24, 2013, White House Counsel learns of targeting and informs senior White House Staff.

The Timeline
March 1-17, 2010: The IRS’ Determinations Unit asks for a search of “tea party or similar organizations’ applications.”

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