Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama: Ain’t Broke, Fix It. Broke: Keep As Is

The Obama administration is rolling out a new program to fix America’s universities and colleges. Allocation of federal funds for higher educational establishments is to be based on measures of college “performance,” such as affordability, admission rates for low-income students, remedial support for disadvantaged students, and graduation and transfer rates.  The Obama’s education department will require all of America’s 4,500 diverse private, public, and religious colleges and universities to follow the same federal rules or risk loss of federal support – another “one size fits all” characteristic of Obama.

Obama’s stated purpose of fixing our broken higher education: We must ensure that “earning a postsecondary degree” is no longer “a pathway to opportunity for the ‘talented few.’” In other words, our higher educational system, like most everything else, is unfair. It limits success to a privileged few and leaves others saddled by debt, unable to buy a car or home.

Note that Obama proposes to fix a higher educational system that is not broke. According to international statistics, the United States has one of the highest higher educational enrollment rates in the world at 74 percent versus the G20 average of 52 percent. The U.S. enrolls 40 percent more of its young people in higher education than the average of the twenty richest countries. We are one of the few countries that believe in and offer higher education for the masses. 

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