Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Self-Appointed Pro-Russian Mayor Speaking His Mind: Disturbing to Say the Least

Excerpts from interview by woman reporter from with the self-appointed mayor of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev. After the shooting incident on April 20, Ponomarev issued a call to Putin to send “peacekeeping” forces to Slavyansk.

I begin with the reporter (R) asking “Mayor” Ponomarev (P) what he intends to do with those who disagree with him:

P. We raised our hands and said: All who are with us, good. He who is against us – it is clearly understood.

R. What does that mean, clearly understood?

P. They will be destroyed.

R. How?

P. Why are you asking how?

R. Even among peaceful residents, even if they are one in a hundred, and they hold other opinions. What do you do with them?

P. Well there are only about 40 of them (here).

R. Are these 40 to be destroyed?

P. They are like apes which people go to the zoo to look at. They will be a separate group but under our control.  I’ll tell you how operational work goes. You light a flashlight to attract the moths, to which you attach a sticky tape. They get stuck and then you smash them with a flyswatter.

R. I find what you are saying horrible.

P. What is horrible? This is a  naked fact of life. Is it not scary when our boys are found in the river, their bellies cut open and tortured. And then I go to the morgue and can’t really determine whether it is one of ours or not. Then it turns out it is the very same elected deputy, Vladimir Rybak (a political opponent) from Gorlovka. I can’t really give you the information but according to all information it is him.

R. This is very horrible. And who is the second body?

P. Probably his driver. Have you seen the bodies?

R. No they did not let me in the morgue. The man said it was closed.

P. Listen, you are better off enjoying the beauty and passages of our city and leave the dirt to someone else. It will be better for you. It is not good to try to get some financial benefit or fame. When you take a picture of death you become involuntarily a participant, And when you bring this death to the public's attention, this is worse. This sows panic, people are frightened and this is essential for our opponents. That is why I forbid every one.   

R. OK. My last question is not about bodies but about the election of the president of Ukraine scheduled for May 25.

P. It will not take place.

R. It won’t take place in the whole Donbass? In Slavyansk?

P. It won’t be anywhere. Believe me.

R. You will not allow? Someone else will not allow? Please explain.

P. We’ll take all necessary measures so that there will be no election in the southeast (of Ukraine).

R. Measures to what extreme?

P. We’ll take someone prisoner and hang them by the balls. Really. Do you understand?

R. Dear God. It is really terrible what you are saying.

P. No. No. I am a good person. Very good. But sometimes they take my goodness for weakness, but that is not so, I love my children and my mother.

The reporter asks the self appointed mayor to describe  Slavyansk as part of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk after Russian peacekeeping troops make eastern Ukraine independent of Kiev

R. What would you say to the people of Western Ukraine?

P. (Thinks it over) Give up. (laughs)

R. What will be the official language of the Donetsk Peoples Republic?

P. Russian.

R. There will be no Ukrainian?

P. No question. They can converse in Ukrainian and sing songs.

R. What will you do with the minority who continue to subordinate themselves to Kiev and consider themselves a part of Ukraine?

P. We’ll let them stay. Only that.

R. How?

P. They should keep their heads down. Let them keep quiet.

R. What would you tell Obama, who claims that you mutineers are acting on Moscow’s orders?

P. I would tell him to keep his mouth shut. 

I pity the poor Ukrainian and Tartar residents of Crimea. They are living under pro-Russian adminstrators who think like Ponomarev. 


  1. Hello,
    There is a problem here. The Russian text that you link to (at the top of the page), that you claim to be from a woman reporter from, does not state any of what you report here. Either the link is wrong (and I do hope this is just an honest mistake), or this is, in the worst case, disinformation. Either way, a correction is required.
    Best wishes,
    Michel Laurin

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