Sunday, May 18, 2014

Letter from a Girl Describing Conditions in Occupied Slavyansk

"Letter from Slavyask . 
For those who do not understand anything.

A few days ago our city was seized by a subversive group. They seized the police, city council, and the SBU headquarters. All this under the guise of  the "Donetsk republic." By capturing the police station, they seized 400 units of military weapons. As far as I know these were not guns, but pistols . They handed out these weapons to the  " hopniks ".  One guy told me that if  you put on a St. Georges ribbon, came up and said, " Guys , I'm with you guys" , he could buy by a weapon for 200 hryvnia (800 p . Rubles ) .

A few days later, a  "people's mayor" of  Slavyansk turned up . I have to say  he had nothing to do with the city , and even the area and even Ukraine. He is a citizen of the Russian Federation. In 2009 he was  wanted for stabbing murder. Somehow he avoided punishment , or says so . So they kidnapped the mayor of our city, Nelyu Shtepa,  kept her at a few days , then forced to say on camera that she is "for federalization" and abdicate in favor of this huyla .  She remains hostage. After what has been said it was never released. They are holding around 16 people hostage. They deputize  police officers and employees of the executive committee .

Women who go to cook for them, do it under pain of death , because we have a small town and had no problems. One woman was crying right in line and complained that she does not know how to survive.

Slovyansk has become a fortified base of terrorists. They leave for raids on neighboring towns and return. They live in an occupied hospital near SBU and " Villa Maria " near the city museum .

People in the city do not support them , but are afraid to speak out because  they are paralyzed by fear . Everyone fears that he alone does not support them, and that  the rest are for" federalization " . That is what the Russian media says , which we have to watch instead of Ukrainian TV  due to the capture of the TV tower . They also launched some garbage on local channel  -- anti-Semitic calls to "kill the Jews ."

The city began looting -- they robbed all the stores without roller blinds and they break into houses. All gypsies who lived with us always peacefully and nobody touched them left the city in terror . All pogroms and murders are claimed to be the work of  " the right sector ." These people attack houses and inform their victims that they are " right sector ."
Well about staging murders Bylbasovka is generally silent .  At a checkpoint,  the militia stopped a resident, Andreevka, and killed him , and said that the right sector murdered him. Which , by the way we did not have and never will. Because he right sector believes that residents of Donbass deserve to federalize if they are such stupid cattle . To be honest, I myself think so , but I feel too sorry for ordinary people here.

If someone tells me that this is a  popular "Slavic uprising " , I throw a stone at him , because of the locals only the Communists led by Khmelev and survivors of a mind like Kubrichenko are with them . .

Yesterday in the city reinforcements arrived, according to my cousin, in two trucks .The number is unknown to me . But they are all well armed. The bridge in downtown is mined. People are scared to cross it , but you have to , because it connects two parts of the city. In the river, they found two dead , brutally mutilated . Many parts of their bod bodies weree cut, ripped open their bellies . The medical examiner was also kidnapped , held all day , and when released, he refused to give an opinion and speak at all . The body of one of the dead was identified. It turned out to be the deputy of  Gorlovka Council, whom they  did not allow to remove the flag of  Russia from City hall.

That is, he was  sadistically murdered for the flag of the country in which he lives. On the Internet there are thousands of photos and Videofact . They deny the presence of Russian groups, they  said today, even in the Duma. Official Moscow continues to insist that the Southeast is a popular rebellion and none of this is managed . Today, my friend 's cousin from Moscow asked him to explain what is happening in Slavyansk. He told him as a eyewitness and a direct participant , but the Moscow cousin did not believe him . Said that he is a " zombie " .  Wwe are already a week without Ukrainian channels, but this is not the main point.

I have written this because I considered that it would not be honest from my side not to tell. I live in the epicenter of events and not everyone has such an opportunity.
Today, the ATO (anti terrorist operation) began. The people are waiting to be freed from this nonsense, which was imposed on us, as I thought, a totally peaceful city. Many of us are of course disoriented. 
Rumors about the Right Sector spread with incredible speed. I talked with such people who believe that the ATO is the work of NATO special operations in cahoots with the Right Sector. 
Do not listen to anyone who says that the anti-terrorists are killing their own people. This is happening because of a unique confluence of events: 1. the strategic geographical position of Slavyansk, 2. the agreement to drill for natural gas, and 3) Putin;s desire to introduce troops into Ukraine under the guise of the protection of peaceful people being killed.

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