Monday, January 12, 2015

Want The Truth? Why Not Talk To Those Who Shot Down MH17?

The alleged criminals and accomplices identified in this piece will never be questioned. The Kremlin will not allow this to happen. Western diplomacy probably prefers for the truth not to be clearly spelled out, but the victims cannot be ignored. They need to be told the truth, and the guilty party must admit guilt and be prepared to pay for their incalculable losses.

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  1. I am not happy with the quality of this "study". Just a few remarks.

    1. The "study" misses the elephants in the room
    a) that the US is still hiding its data for no explainable good reason
    b) Robert Parry, arguably the investigative journalist best connected with US intelligence, revealed, that the BUK most likely responsible (if no air-to-air missile) was operated by Ukrainian forces.

    2. The General Staff of Ukrainian stated last week, that there are no regular Russian troops in Donbass. The opposite is a main pillar of the "study".

    3. The holes are consistent with high energy particles. That does NOT exclude an air to air missile. The impact appears to be very close to the cockpit within a few meters (untypical for a BUK and the devastation too small for a BUK so close).

    4. A fighter jet does not necessarily attack from behind, a slow SU-25 did not have the option to attain that position anyways.

    5. The report from the locals in locals Snizhne is not consistent with the shootdown of MH17, because the airplane could not be seen from there. They may have observed the shootdown of a military aircraft.

    6. Eyewitnesses near the crash site (not the launch site !), however, reported about a military aircraft close the MH17 and about 2 explosions

    7. The photo-shop allegation against Russia is not substantiated anywhere.

    8. The rebel commander did not acknowledge Russian tanks in Ukraine. There is no such acknowledgement in the interview.

    9. The report is generally written in a partisan way, at lengths even propagandistic. It is also avoiding conflicting information.

    10. The US appears to be lost in its own propaganda. This is not only sad, but extremely dangerous. Robert Parry gets the facts straight:

    11. Peer reviewed science says: The US is now an oligarchy, no democracy. Due to lack of education and hardly established independent country wide alternative views, I don't see a way back to democracy. Very sad to observe, that the oligarchs took over without any resistance, even banana republics showed more fighting spirit.