Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pro-Russian Lobbyists Penetrate Washington To Enact Anti-Ukraine Legislation: Conyers Spouts Putin Propaganda On The Floor

Ukraine is fighting an uphill war against Russia on many fronts, including simmering hot war in east Ukraine, its uneven battle against Putin’s propaganda machine, and its attempts to neutralize hostile Yanukovich oligarchs who are still on the loose. Add a new one to the list: Ukraine’s impotence against Russia’s all-star roster of lobbyists that include a former German chancellor and former US Senate minority leader. I had thought Ukraine was outgunned in Europe by a coterie of German and French Putin-Versteher, but I now learn that Ukraine is outgunned on Washington’s K Street as well. If you need convincing, just read John Conyers anti-Ukraine and pro-Russian remarks made on the House floor.

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