Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Dirty Bomb: A Thwarted Putin False Flag Operation?

Skeptics will argue that Vladimir Putin cannot use a dirty bomb as a false flag operation because it would sicken and kill civilians in occupied Ukrainian territory and maybe even Russians across the nearby border. But the loss of civilian life in pursuit of political objectives has never deterred Putin.

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  1. Dear Paul, I have followed you for months now and you are right, he is so predictable.

    However, you end your article with A: "If the Russian people believe that Ukraine set off a dirty bomb" B " it doesn’t matter much what other countries think."

    I agree that as long as the Russian people believe it, his popularity in Russia remains fine and his cling to power remains easy to maintain.

    But I think that what other people/countries think matters a lot.

    Or are we saying that his plans are to plant nuclear in rebel areas so that he would then inflict nuclear however small this may be, via the rebels, to create economic unrest in western eu countries ?

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