Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As Russia Launches Air Strikes In Syria, Obama Must Make Sure We Don't Forget Ukraine

Vladimir Putin evoked the anti-Hitler coalition in his UN Speech. He, like any Russian, understands Hitler’s fatal blunder in opening an eastern front in June of 1941. Putin has, in effect, opened a second front in his war on the West with today’s bombing of anti-Assad forces. He is gambling that he can keep his Ukrainian front quiet as he carries out his Middle East venture. U.S. President Barack Obama now has an opportunity to  thwart Putin’s new world order of a Russian-dominated coalition of forces in the Middle East, a neutralized Ukraine, and a compliant Europe that welcomes Russia back into the fold, while Obama fumes on the sidelines. If the United States and Europe do not react, Putin will perhaps prevail. President Obama has the weapons to foil Putin, if he chooses to use them.

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