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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

British Court: Putin Is A Likely Accessory To Litvinenko's Murder

A British court has concluded, using civil standards of proof, that Vladimir Putin approved the murder of a Russian whistleblower, Alexander Litvinenko, in London. The Litvinenko case comes as close as possible to proving Putin’s guilt. It identifies the assassins beyond a reasonable doubt and proves that Putin’s KGB state has officially shielded the murderers and has obstructed justice, making Putin a likely accessory after the fact. Putin’s KGB state knows (if it wishes to) who its political murderers are. The long list of unsolved political assassinations therefore proves the Kremlin does not want any of these cases solved. As the list of murders has grown without resolution, the court of international public opinion understands that the state murder is a standard instrument of Putin’s KGB state.

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