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Monday, June 18, 2012

Chinese Woman with Dead Infant After Forced State Abortion

The picture sweeping China of a bereaved Chinese woman in a hospital bed with her dead infant after a forced state abortion at seven months. The woman and her husband were unable to raise the $6,500 fine the state charges for a second child.


  1. This is unfortunate, but not unusual. Fact is, Chinese practice infanticide and have for thousands of years. They do it to favor boys.

    Also this isn't infanticide; it is an abortion. How about using the correct description? Unless you feel a fetus is a person.

  2. Is "forced state abortion" equivalent to "abortion" by choice? Unintended consequences of Chinese one-child policy, such as, forced-abortion and skewed demographic disasters (male/female) ratios, are classic textbook examples of the state's activist/coercive planning process/outcome. For the last 3000 years, the Chinese governments have blindly driven their society up-and-down, and then to the Wall. But, this time they'll meet the the Wall using a high-speed train (and not with a horse-drawn carriage)!

  3. Carl: Do you have a credible source for 'Chinese practice infanticide and have for thousands of years'? If true (for thousands of years), then Chinese population should have been wiped-out by now.

  4. A fetus is a little person!!!!!
    So sad, China is the only country where female suicides outnumber male suicides and this is why; forced abortions/murders.

  5. The one child policy has not been around for thousands of years. Only the last 2 or 3 generations. Human life is not valued there though whether you are an infant or adult. I lived in China for a year. This is so sad, I hope China changes these policies.