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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Despite Western Insistence, Ukraine Demonstrators Can Accept Nothing Less Than Yanukovich's Removal

Western media outlets give the impression that the astute diplomacy of Europe saved the day, if that is indeed the case. Wrong. The bravery, heroism, discipline, and national pride of the Ukrainian people defeated an entrenched, corrupt post-Soviet autocracy as they camped out in sub zero weather, endured beatings by riot police, and braved sniper fire that killed more than fifty of their fellows. The Yanukovich regime, egged on by Putin’s demands for a brutal crackdown, underestimated the tenacity of their opponents. They did not anticipate the outrage of all Ukraine, even in Yanukovich’s eastern regions, at the specter of deliberate sniper fire and bodies with bullets to the head in makeshift morgues in nearby hotel lobbies and churches.

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