Friday, March 7, 2014

Putin Hasn't Lost Touch With 'His' Reality. Welcome To KGB Russia

Putin’s unchanging KGB script dates back to Stalin’s annihilations and deportation of whole nationalities in the 1930s and State Security head, Ivan Serov’s, razing of Eastern Europe. The model remains the same: Armored trucks and troops arrive out of nowhere, invited by some shadowy local organization. They take control of strategic facilities and communications, and announce a new regime elected by popular acclaim and cheered on by grateful residents organized by KGB operatives.

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  1. Putin had his 2013 Olympic celebration before going for Crimea. It will take him 4 years to digesting Crimea. FIFA 2018 World Cup Russian is in 4 years. The last Olympic game (2008) overlapped with his invasion of the Republic of Georgia. For the next helping in 2018, he may go for a piece of Moldova (or Mongolia)?

    Putin worked hard with the (corrupt) FIFA to get 2018 FIFA World Cup for Russia. He would not have done it he would have not thought of re-election one more time: So, look-out for two things in the next 4-5 years: 1) he will run for president; otherwise; and 2) He will go for another serving/feasting on someone else's territory (may be Moldova? Or, going going whole hog for Azerbaijan---may be after Azerbaijan moves onto Armenia-Nagorno-Karabakh, and Armenia ask for help from Putin. This may gets him oil, and to the old USSR borders (his nostalgia).

  2. Putin, CSK's Next Feast: If a heimlich maneuver is not administered to Putin-CSK for the Crimea, or if he does not get a severe indigestion (similar to the USSR case in Afghanistan), Putin-CSK may surprise us for the 3rd time. . Unfortunately, Putin-CSK, had no indigestion when he devoured Georgian's Khachapuri (Abkhazia & Gori).