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Monday, March 3, 2014

Want Putin’s Attention: Follow His Money

Vladimir Putin is rushing to complete his Blitzanschluss of the Crimea. His Duma is drafting legislation to “unite new subjects into the Russian Federation.”  A referendum, originally scheduled for March 31, will likely be moved up. The West will shortly face a Fait accomplish of the incorporation of Ukrainian territory into the Russian Federation. President Obama and the leaders of Europe have only a few days, or even hours to act. They cannot afford the usual telephone calls, consultations, and briefings. 

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  1. Adding the invasion of the Republic of Georgia (Gori & Abkhazia) to the invasion of the Ukriane (Crimea), one cannot fail to not remember Hitler's invasion of the Czechoslovakia's Sudentenland, and his earlier on (i.e., the Anschluss of Austria).

    Putin's press conference / today:

  2. Given the amount of money from Russia that has ended up where it wound up, the viability of at least one banking system might be up for grabs?

    When it comes to Greek sovereign bonds, how much is held by Cyprus, and how much of the banking sector in Cyprus saw money come in from Russia?

    The same question can be asked of the UK, and wherever else money from Russia was banked.