Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why Putin Can Never Tell The Truth on MH17

If Putin were to admit the truth, it would confirm that Russia has supplied fanatical and in some cases possibly insane rebel leaders with advanced military equipment contrary to his assertions that Russia has nothing to do with the Ukraine conflict, other than wanting peace. Such an admission expands the Ukrainian conflict to the world stage. It is the first case of rebels, supplied by a major power with surface-to-air missiles, bringing down a passenger plane. A nightmare shared by the whole world has come true. Which rebel group in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, or the Gaza strip will be next? In this context, Putin is just as dangerous as al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, and the rest of this crowd.

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  1. don't worry, putin did NOT share sam missiles - they were always under his control and were operated by russian soldiers on active military duty.

  2. Everyone keeps saying the Rebels shot down the plane. Can we wait until investigators make a determination?