Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America, July 4, 2012: A 60/40 Citizenry that Votes 50/50

On November 6, 2012 American voters face an unusually stark choice. A vote for Obama is an affirmation of the expansion of size, scope and mission of the federal government, more income redistribution, a limiting of the rights of states, and a distrust of private enterprise to solve the nation’s problems. Romney offers the vision of a more limited federal government, less redistribution, more power and responsibility to the states, and confidence in the private sector. Obama views the United States of America as no better or worse than the affluent countries of Europe. Romney imparts a belief in  American exceptionalism and old-fashioned patriotism. Romney is less likely to be satisfied with the state of American moral values than Obama.
Some sixty percent of the American people share Romney’s Weltanschaung. Forty percent share Obama’s. A Romney victory should be a slam dunk, especially given the sorry economy, but it is too close to call.
The following polling results from mainstream polling organizations bring home my point about a strong majority of the American people being Romney’s natural constituency:

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