Friday, March 13, 2015

The Best of #Putinumer (#Putindead)

The #Putinumer (#Putindead) hashtag has been sweeping the Russian internet. Under Stalin, there was a lively underground joke and satire literature that the Russian people created, despite the danger of doing so. Rumors of Putin's demise have unleashed a torrent of jokes, ditties, and photo shopped images, which seem to contradict the high Putin "ratings" that are the anchor of his rule.

Among the most popular sites is The Putinumer song sung by the “Putin Duet” twosome.

For those who can understand Russian, here it is:

Comments on the Russian internet that  caught my fancy:


Yes. Putin died to divert attention from the Nemtsov killing.


No. It would not have been useful for him. (A play on the argument that the killing of Nemtsov was not “useful” to Putin).


No. The people are not yet dancing in the streets.


Yes, he died of an overdose of Botox.

Here are some photos from the #Putinumer site:

Doctor: We have brought him for the Kremlin-Show

Mededvedev selfie at Putin's bedside
Putin has already died once and was replaced. The Kremlin has searched nine days for a new Putin look-alike

A shocking photo of the deceased Putin

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