Thursday, March 26, 2015

Could Unpaid Traffic Tickets Destroy The Kremlin’s Nemtsov Murder Narrative?

Western leaders do not want to recognize what Putin and his regime are capable of. Scholars John Dunlop and Karen Dawisha have chronicled evidence that the FSB, the state internal security service, was behind the 1999 apartment bombings that killed almost 400 Russians and helped bring Putin to power. English justice will probably conclude that the Kremlin ordered the “nuclear poisoning” of defector Alexander Litvinenko in London, and then sheltered his assassin with parliamentary immunity.

Do not Merkel and Obama realize they are conceding Putin’s defense. By declaring Putin’s Kremlin responsible for finding the murderers, they are ruling out the possibility that the Kremlin itself ordered the hit.

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  1. I'm sorry, but I can't see any difference between blaming President Putin for the appartment bombing with 400 people killed and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    In addition, there are multiple known facts about events you discussed recently which are really disturbing. But you appear to have missed them.

    Re MH17 / Koran Airlines 007
    Yes, the US intercepted communication in 1983 between the Soviet control and the Soviet fighter airplane. What you did not say was, that this communication confirmed that it was shot down by error, but the US then manipulated that communication, truncated and omitted parts, to paint the Soviets black.

    Re MH17 / Iran Air 655
    In the other prominent shoot down most comparable to MH17, the Captain of USS Vincennes disobeyed orders when he provoked Iranian small boats, then chased them into Iranian waters and unprovokedly fired on them. Afterwards he shot down the Iranian passenger plane, from Iranian waters, in Iranian airspace and on its regular flight route.
    The aftermath is even more disturbing. The Captain was not jailed, instead he received a medal.

    Syrian Sarin Gas attack
    It is well known by now that the Sarin gas case against Assad has collapsed. Instead all indications point towards rebels having committed the attack, likely with help of US allies to provoke a US led invasion.

    A Russian interference in Ukraine after the US sponsered and triggerred coup executed by some oligarchs, the extreme right Svoboda and spearheaded by ultra-right Right Sector was totally understandable. Their interference is far beyond the scale of Saudi interference in neighbouring countries and US interference during the last couple of years.
    While shooting down a civilain airplane in a war is a tragedy, the really disturbing events in the aftermath are
    - the US not providing its intelligence data
    - the Dutch giving Ukraine a right of veto in the investigation and kicking out Malaysia in a secret contract.

    1. interference is far below (not beyond)

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