Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kremlin Investigators Claim That Nemstov Killed By All Putin’s Enemies In One Package

Putin has apparently decided that he can use the Nemtsov killing to implicate all his enemies at once. According to NEWSrsu, Kremlin investigators claim to have photographs of the killers – one male and one female (Adam Osmanov and Amina Okneva). According to the report, Osmaev is suspected in an assassination attempt on Putin and heads a Chechen battalion fighting on the side of Kiev. The implication: The Chechens working together with Ukraine’s secret service (and of course the CIA) are behind the murder of Nemtsov, which was done to discredit Putin.

Note that dark skinned Chechen rebels are convenient targets for prejudiced Russians, and the campaign of hate against the Ukrainian Nazi junta has been going 24/7 for almost a year.

Stalin used the murder of Leningrad boss Sergei Kirov to condemn his rivals from the right and left to death in three Moscow show trials. Putin appears to be intent on doing the same.  When Putin apologists claim “he has nothing to gain” from the murder of Nemtsov, just ignore them. His plan is becoming clear, and it is not good for Chechens, Ukrainians, or Ukraine’s so-called allies.

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